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Want Edibles?

Not everyone can or wants to smoke marijuana for various reasons. Adding marijuana to your favorite recipe is definately easier on your lungs & throat. Dispenseries offer marijauna infused products for those who want to get the same high but in a more body-friendly way. Marijuana foods have really taken off; making everything from brownies to ice cream to more nonconventional pot recipes like tea, liquer and sauces. Eating marijuana does have a different effect than smoking it. First, it takes anywhere from 40-60 minutes to feel the effects and it lasts longer than the traditional "smoking high". It is often a heavier and deeper which may effect the whole body and if you eat too much, you will want to sleep ... then wake up hungry for more.


Sorry. We currently do not have anyone with edible marijuana products for sale. If you would like to offer your services for those in need, please contact Hawaii Pot Docs.



Hawaii State Law Mandates

that Medical Marijuana can only be grown in (1) the qualifying patients home, (2) the primary caregiver's home address or (3) other location owned or controled by patient or caregiver which must first be approved by the administrator. This location must be designated on the registry certificate.

You may possess three mature marijuana plants, four immature marijuana plants, and one ounce of usable marijuana per each mature plant. Those amounts also apply to the total amount of medical marijuana posessed between a patient and caregiver.

Growing can be delicate work but very rewarding for those who are patient. Several diffenent methods and approaches can be taken: indoor or outdoor? seeds or clones? guano or chicken manure? soil or hydroponics? It can get overwhelming for first timers. Start slow and research the best method for your situation. Hawaii has the best climate for growing this lushous medical weed. They love the sun, the humidity and the rich volcanic soils. Now where to find these products.

Soil and manure can be found in pretty much any nursery or plant department.

Hydroponic growing is really taken off. There are several resources available online. Hydroponics is not just for growing marijuana ... I suggest trying to stay local. There are many local sympathizers who are more than willing to get you set up.

Seeds. Again, online is a great resource. There are companies who sell worldwide and http://www.marijuana-seeds.nl/ is one.

Being a new site, we are always looking for recommendations and resources. If you sell hydroponics or grow starter kits or just want to help others get started contact HawaiiPotDocs@gmail.com.












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